I Don’t Believe In God & I Don’t Believe In Russia, But I Do Believe In Love

Monkey's Gone To Heaven

2326893I hate to say it, I mean I really hate to say it, but none of this shouting and yelling that’s been going on will change what’s happening in Russia. I sincerely wish it would but it won’t. And that’s not to say that high profile figures like Stephen Fry shouldn’t continue to try and bring the situation to the attention of the government, they absolutely should – but it won’t change anything.

The Sochi Winter Olympics of 2014 will go ahead as planned. They’ll go ahead because there’s just too much money riding on them – there are too many backhanders flying around and too many palms being greased for it to be any other way. And that’s politics, I understand that. What I don’t understand is just how the international community is going to deal with the consequences.

It’s just like Stephen Fry said – they gave…

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in the land of demons: a window into Bangladesh

in the land of demons: a window into Bangladesh.




For the past few weeks i had started watching Breakout (broadcasted on National Geography), and for a very specific reason i find it really interesting and of course entertaining but above all it has provoked thoughts…and here i want to share those thoughts with you….

While confined in prison the inmates actually feel the urgency and and they become desperate to taste Freedom. The breakout from prison is the outbursts of that urgency. Its a human instinct or whatever you call it, Liberty is what he seeks. For the inmates , their world is squeezed between the four walls of the prison. But have we ever really thought, aren’t we all inmates??, living inside prisons either built by others or by our own. If not physically then at least psychologically. How much free are we actually in our world of thoughts??…do we actually have liberty there??…aren’t our thoughts squeezed??…. “approved” by others…

“BREAKOUT”…..is what we need….the urgency for liberty and freedom….

Saudi Arabia sentences secular activist to 600 lashes, seven years prison

The Pope and Power

The Pope and Power.

The Pope and Power


“The Bible and the Catholic Church have never taught that it is a “sin” to be homosexual.”
—–really??!!……but this actually appeared on a Foxnews website under the title-What Pope Francis really said about gays — and no, it’s not new. The article proceeded mentioning the “gravity” of the Pope’s visit to Rio and how the media had “twisted” his words of wisdom. Well i was not surprised when i found that the piece is  actually written by a Father who also happen to be the program director of the Catholic channel. Now that answers the question.


The pope’s visit to Brazil, the country having the largest catholic population, has indeed given birth to stories having different conclusions.  For some the papacy became more liberal than it ever was before, it left the conservatives little hurt, the church little upset (in one version of the story), for others the pontiff is the man of the moment, a rockstar who actually rocked Rio. For me, it left me with thoughts  filled with skepticism. And here i want to share those thoughts with you and i’ll definitely look ahead to your  views and opinions.

The TIME in one of it’s article labelled Francis as ”rockstar”. The very word speaks a lot in itself. the pope had certainly rocked Rio, no doubt, it’s popularity has rocked skyhigh, and the mass worth-mentioning. And the pontiff  had open-car, less men-in-suits, and his attempts to get-closer to the mass was successful. His speech had the flavor of  a pope calling for-change we need . He wants the church move closer to the people , closer to the mass. He called for the church to walk on the people’s side. And he asked the very question–” Are we still the church capable of warming hearts?”.

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And never forget it was World Youth Day.

Brazil, is the home of the largest catholic population, but the protestant and evangelics are on the rise and on rapid rise. Young people are finding the church less interesting and of course less warming. To the Pope the fact is not unknown. That’s why perhaps he had that evangelical tone when he addressed the crowd.  After all he knows that the church in order to retain its dominance in the region it needs the youths, it needs the devotion of the young people and their submission to the church. How can i forget that it was world youth day?? The youths had always been the target-market of any cause be that religious or otherwise. They have the enthu, the guts, devotion and the energy. Exactly the chemical a struggle needs. In Brazil,  for Francis it’s a an empire which is slowly but prominently slipping  away from Vatican. i am not at all surprised to hear the pope say–“If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” …...For some it might sound that the pontiff had opened his liberal eye, but is that the truth???….The church had  for long  outcasted the homosexuals, disregarded them, forsaken them and even ordered to burn them in some cases. This inhuman stand is equally declared in all of the monotheistic religion. Yet they had taken pride for this for centuries. But why now we find a change of tone from the pope himself??…..i can’t actually agree with the church-gone-liberal idea.

In this century people are more interested to understand anything with logics than with myths and superstitions. The shadow of religion is certainly fading. Who can understand it better than the vanguard himself.?? The change of tone is actually a strategic change. Of course to retain the dominance of church. The target-market as always is the Youths. Now that answers –  why being the– “Rockstar”, why the revolutionary speech, why the whole set-up of walking on the people’s side…

From a skeptic point of view to me Religion(esp. the monotheistic ones) after the end of the day is another cause set-up for the struggle of power. And it has an illusionary effect on the mass driven by emotions. So, the Rio visit was actually a part of a gameplan laid for the cause of…….the same old….POWER…


Assault on Freedom

 Assault on Freedom.

I am not a libe…

I am not a liberator, liberators don’t exist. People liberate themselves-Che

I am a feminist…

I am a feminist….

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