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in the land of demons: a window into Bangladesh

in the land of demons: a window into Bangladesh.




I am a feminist…

I am a feminist….

I am a feminist…


‘Feminism’ has been a long-debated subject and a concept which is almost regularly misinterpreted and misunderstood in the society.  In  this piece of writing I would share my personal thoughts and views on ‘Feminism’ , it’s past and it’s future and of course it’s necessity(I assure you it will have an analytical edge).

Gender inequality has it’s roots dug deep in our history books, social structure, customs, religions,literature and together they have forged our psychological outlook. There is absolutely no divinity in these inequalities. These had been forged by one gender to retain their superiority over the other. One thing that is hard to accept for many is that Religion  is a patriarchal view , it is philosophies of men, where divinity is reserved for a particular sex. (I am not labeling Religion as good or bad). But in many ways and through ages gender inequality has been coloured in holy coatings(from myths to beliefs of our time) and made more convincing to the mass. In a patriarchal society holiness was always reserved for men. people don’t get to know or accept this inequalities right after their birth, they are taught, they are made to believe, and then gradually they accept those and then coin them as – just natural. Everyone of us are born in definite communities where we are taught beliefs, ideals and you are taught what to call right and wrong. And all these teachings are carried out when we are little kids, when our definition of the world is shaping and reshaping. Now I understand something that I was never able to understand back then that is- those teachings had a patriarchal end of view, and I think this is also true for lots of people out there.

‘History’ -reading which we discover our past, is mostly a one-sided version of events of our past. Men wrote them and it claims the bravery and heroism of a particular sex. It claims and convinces the mass that the so-called appropriate places had been reserved for each sexs from a prehistoric time. There is always the ‘disappearing women’ neglected and avoided quite intentionally.  And the historical events having truth and lie mixed together  bear the scars of inequalities and are coloured with patriarchal themes.

Literature – which moulds our outlook in great many ways, has the doors of beauty and bravery open to one and locked to the other. Inequality is fostered here and most of the time unconsciously  by the maker , and it influences the outlook of the mass and sub-consciously creates an outlook riddled with inequalities. It is absolutely not a blame put on,  rather to me it is the weakness of literature.

Social establishments around us clearly vocals patriarchy. Most of the cases we have accepted them as just natural, but it is or was never- just natural. It is a structure made on the foundation of inequalities and it declares shamelessly the forceful superiority of one gender on another, this is of course Man-made. In liberal societies the picture is a bit different but in this side of the world superstitions and religious fanaticism have a hard grip on the minds of the mass. And as a result gender inequality remains a much-avoided issue. Here the tendency of labeling liberty,freedom and equality  with the colour of  something unholy is immensely popular and regularly practised. There are frequent stories where the the victim of rape is punished and the rapist goes unpaid (these are often done in villages on local judgement). Laws and Justice are also not free from the patriarchy end of view. The way to education is narrowed for women, although the state takes some initiatives to encourage them but the outlook of the society is something hard to change as long as there are people desperate to retain their superiority and cherish the inequalities.

The identity should come not in terms of sex rather as a human being, and why won’t I stand firmly for equal rights for a fellow human being??..The popular concepts that rules or once-ruled the world everyone of them failed gender equality. Communism incepted with the words of Marx where All Men Are Equal… but the words still remain a mystery whether it was forged into deeds or not. And if it made to deeds then whether it could end gender inequality or not… Capitalism built what we all like to call “market-friendly economy”….but did it managed to build a world which is “human friendly”??…rather the consumerism concept fostered a sexist view and enlarged the gap. The Theocracies breed on these inequalities and it declares patriarchy …how can we expect them to contribute for equality??…

EQUALITY is a must for a prosperous human race. Without it Liberty and Freedom remains merely a luxury item. The inequalities is or was never a grace for humanity , it’s a demon in disguise of an angel. Some people manage to identify the demon and struggles to annihilate it for the good health of the Homo sapiens , Others  remain hoodwinked. I don’t know how someone can live with the thoughts of discriminating and depriving a fellow human being. You just don’t need to be a women to be a feminist, all you need to be is a a person who wants to see the end of inequalities. I am a feminist and I am proud for not remaining hoodwinked .


the Man and the Machine

When I was at first grade I had a friend, we were best buddies, he had a great enthu about Cars be that a dodge charger or a toyota. So whenever anyone asked him – what he wants to be when he grow up, his answer was always – a driver. People usually got a mini-shock but nevertheless he had a good-short explanation for them…

I can hit the streets whenever I want and I don’t have to waste time on anything else other than cars.

It absolutely mirrored his wild passion about automobiles…Let’s leave the story there (but I assure you I will take you there again at the end of a little discussion on the Man and the Machine.

When we were kids we used to dream things that sound out-worldish now. People usually gave a look which perfectly stated- you’ll grow out of it. At the age which we like to label as immature, I don’t know whether you will agree or not, but to me at that time we spoke our Heart. Complex rules of the society hadn’t entered our brains yet; at that time heart was our head. Then we went through institutionalised education, learnt how the world runs, and most significantly we were taught – what the society wants you to be. Things like “social status” riddled our head, and then we- EVOLVED. Time and again we neglected our heart, dismissed what it wanted to say. We chased things which the society projected as valuable and worthy and eventually we buried things which were closer to our heart. We buried our Passions.

The scenerio is different in the west, but in this side of the world kids are taught (as early as possible) about ‘social status’ , it might have turned out to be something good unless the whole purpose of education pointed towards it. Another thing is that here some particular sector of profession is considered to bear what most people call “respect and status”. Sad but true that fields of creativity is sorted out of that list.Here creativity is not inspired nor given it’s place of respect. People consider it as something that would end in vain and passion is something none chase here. Then there are the great educational institutions which moulds the students in such a way that they tend to consider being ‘doctors’, ‘engineers’ , ‘govt. official’, as their only way to get that status. This might be good profession, but aren’t all services supposed to be equally important to society??…well if your passion lies with medicine then its going to be the best way you can give the world and if your passion is all about drawing cartoons then nothing can be a better You  than a cartoonist .

People who pursue in the sectors of creativity have to bear the scars of being the inferior part of the society. This is really pathetic. But there are signs of change, but it is slow. It might take two or more generations to get rid of this kind of (rubbish and primitive)outlook.

I don’t want to be an ipad nor do I want to be a super-fast calculator. I want to be a Human, not a machine. Where can I have the best answer, if its not in the heart??…  In this enslaved world I better be a slave to Passion..

Let’s go back to my buddy’s story. I met him a few days back and guess what I found- currently he has chosen a subject having good market demand. I asked him whether he had laid his passion for cars to rest. He answered with a tone of sadness and despair which echoed the bitter reality in our society (and it made me write this piece)…the same society which wants us to chase our pension but not our passion..


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