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For the past few weeks i had started watching Breakout (broadcasted on National Geography), and for a very specific reason i find it really interesting and of course entertaining but above all it has provoked thoughts…and here i want to share those thoughts with you….

While confined in prison the inmates actually feel the urgency and and they become desperate to taste Freedom. The breakout from prison is the outbursts of that urgency. Its a human instinct or whatever you call it, Liberty is what he seeks. For the inmates , their world is squeezed between the four walls of the prison. But have we ever really thought, aren’t we all inmates??, living inside prisons either built by others or by our own. If not physically then at least psychologically. How much free are we actually in our world of thoughts??…do we actually have liberty there??…aren’t our thoughts squeezed??…. “approved” by others…

“BREAKOUT”… what we need….the urgency for liberty and freedom….

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