You will get to know a lot about me through my writings or scribblings  or whatever you like to call them…but since you have so kindly checked into About , so I will not actually leave you here without a piece or two about me…

I am a skeptic, you will find lots of skepticism in my writings. The mainstream thoughts and the stereotype concepts about lots of things in the world disturbs me and there starts my skeptic thoughts….. I like to use metaphors and symbols in my writings, I am a great fan of those…

Liberty, Freedom , Equality are the three most valuable words to me. I am against things that don’t serve the Humanity rather pushes us into darkness. I am a pro-socialist, pro-feminist , anti-racist and a great opposer to inequality….

I am liberal at any discussion, debate or analysis, I am eager to know different(which I like to call diverse) perspectives….and I certainly have respect for each one of them… You are always welcome to leave your thoughts and join me in a discussion…

You can find me in Skype at abrar1661



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