in the land of demons: a window into Bangladesh

Colour_1111http:// most of us have  erased that part of our memory where we watched, eyes glued to the tv,  someone in the wrong place in the wrong time had to pay by his life.

I was talking about the boy called Bishajit. That was another reminder from our dear politicians and their loyal disciples, how mush inhumane they can be. Welcome to our hate generating politics.

Bishajit was someone far from your world of demons. He had a shop to run , a mother to take care, and maybe even a girl he was preparing to spend the rest of his lifetime with. But you stopped the clock ticking. You showed us how much we have sacrificed our humanity. And the police – you really made a great audience.

But it doesn’t really matter , as long as he is not your son or your brother. You can have a good night sleep.

Bad luck, Bishajit, cause you were born in this country. Don’t you see, we don’t bother about some random citizen, all we care about is –my family , my home and me. Yes, we are selfish. We don’t value the life of others. But you made a day for the  media , the newspapers, the politicians. But you should know something- someone from any corner of the country had shed tears for you. And the truth is that- we are really coward. Feeling sorry and shedding tears is the  best we could do. Forgive us cause we couldn’t save you, we couldn’t let you live. Maybe we will never be forgiven. If we had enough guts we could have saved you, but you know how coward we are. You had lived in the land of demons.

Today we are used to this violent politics. This seems to be part of our tradition. We don’t bother to change it. We don’t respect human lives, we don’t care about human rights and humanity is something we have forsaken. No matter who the government is, our political scenario doesn’t change much. We had a Bishajit today tomorrow we will have another. We just love all these violence and haterd.  Its like a drug that we cant quit. And it seems useless talking about all these. After the end of the day we are what we were yesterday.


About Abrar Shariar

A computer geek with a deep passion for programming. I am also enthusiastic about web technologies.

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