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810142-130713-malala-at-unPerhaps just like another observer of events around the globe, I was following the Malala  case for some time. By this time she had made a well reputation of a diehard girl in a struggle for promoting education in a corner of the world which believes in shackles and chains.  Part of the incidents like the Taliban assault on her made to the headlines. Well, I am not focusing on that part (I certainly have a place of respect for her struggle) but today I will let the skeptic inside me speak.

Let’s start with this-“Let us pick up our books and our pens,” she said. “They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution.”.

A portion of the speech Malala delivered in the UN, I can’t deny that these words are valuable and they have an essence of truth in it.But what has started to disturb me is the very question- Are these words actually her own??  

Another thought that disturbs me is – How far is she genuine or she is just another media face??
I know these are stuffs that should not pop-out, not in a moment when the UN has declared- Malala Day. Again I want to add that I do honour for fight , her cause and things for which she stands (at least what the media let out). And just like everyone of you who finds optimism watching her steps, I also wanted to believe in her originality. Sad but true the skeptic inside me won’t let it go. Again it is certainly not something outlandish for Malala to be another of those media faces,right?? Who pops out very often and then everyone has a good time, then years go by and the old face is replaced by a new one. New spices in the blogs, websites and new headlines. And everyone seems to like it that way.  But what if the truth is on the other side? if she is another media face?? 

Every piece of news or writings on malala  is riddled with optimistic comments from the viewers, comments where there is encouragement for her to move ahead, where I find people desperate -seeking the end of the shackles , and they are convinced and they believe in Malala, most importantly they have placed their hope on her. Can she answer this calling ?? Or will we find her fade away and replaced by another of those media faces?? Is she simply another spice in the wired world, made exclusively for hungry mass?? Or is she actually the girl worth all those optimism?? These thoughts are something that worries me right now .(yes, in a time when the world is celebrating Malala Day)

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