I am a feminist…

beneath the massacre


‘Feminism’ has been a long-debated subject and a concept which is almost regularly misinterpreted and misunderstood in the society.  In  this piece of writing I would share my personal thoughts and views on ‘Feminism’ , it’s past and it’s future and of course it’s necessity(I assure you it will have an analytical edge).

Gender inequality has it’s roots dug deep in our history books, social structure, customs, religions,literature and together they have forged our psychological outlook. There is absolutely no divinity in these inequalities. These had been forged by one gender to retain their superiority over the other. One thing that is hard to accept for many is that Religion  is a patriarchal view , it is philosophies of men, where divinity is reserved for a particular sex. (I am not labeling Religion as good or bad). But in many ways and through ages gender inequality…

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About Abrar Shariar

A computer geek with a deep passion for programming. I am also enthusiastic about web technologies.

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