The Dead Zone

beneath the massacre


Science class was  on. No doubt I was supposed to be attentive just like the rest of the class. But one thing I never understood is why do all these ideas(or whatever you like to call them) pop up during these classes…The rest is just a part of a  scribbling on the unused corner of my science book…and when I put all together, it left me wondering about all those metaphors I have used ….but anyway I liked the piece.

Look beyond those symbols I used, afterall it is (was) just another scribbling…

The Dead Zone

BLOOD and Scream…..blood and scream….and limbs of unknown Human beings stacked one upon another- so ruthlessly.Heap of concretes, piles of ashes and blood. More blood. More screams.

Two insomniac eyes. Transfixed. Visions started to blur.  A mixture of Agony and Anger, opening an aisle to the abyss. A window to the Inferno  Shadows…

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About Abrar Shariar

A computer geek with a deep passion for programming. I am also enthusiastic about web technologies.

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